Elite Camp News

We recently ran a very successful Elite Soccer Camp which brought many great players to the fields here in Ridgecrest. Thank you to everyone who supported such a great event.
We also need to extend thanks to our organizers, sponsors and coaches for the dedication to making this event such a success.
A couple key things from Elite Camp:
  • Four groups with different skill levels run with Coach Jesus, Coach Frank, Coach Kelly and Coach Scott. A lot of our other coaches were out there during the camp including Ariana, Ken, Robbie, Brad, Cory, Phillip and Luis.
  • Our U-18 boys team helped out with the younger three groups every night and were a great example for our younger players.
  • The last day ended with competitions in dribbling, passing and shooting. We ended the week with a 40 minute scrimmage.
  • We accomplished what we set out to do with this camp, which was to raise the level from the Technical Camp and challenge the kids.
Take a look at the pictures form this event.